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In 2019 we saw a ton of celebrities buying and selling high profile homes. The price record across the country was smashed, former White House inhabitants purchased a vacation home, and homes known for their roles on television went up for sale.

Some of the most recent real estate news from 2019 is the purchase of a Martha’s Vineyard home for $11.75 million by The Obama Family. This home had a lengthy run on the market with an original asking price of $22 million. The New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen put their Boston home on the market for around $30 million.

To no surprise, California was popular in the real estate world the past year. They broke their own price records twice. The sale of the former Spelling Manor for $119 million broke it the first time, only to be beaten down five months later with the sale of the Chartwell Estate for $150 million. There were also some pop culture moments in the spotlight over 2019. The Los Angeles home used for American Idol contestants came on the market at $72 million after a seven year renovation. It is now asking $56 million. Also found in L.A, Elon Musk’s old home was sold for $3.9 million. Up in San Francisco, the home of late comedian Robin WIlliams is on the market for $7.25 million.