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Michele has been great to work with! She provides all the information in timely matter to help us make informed decisions without any pressure. Thanks Michele we appreciate your patience and attention to detail. Highly Recommend!!

Deneen D. 3/12/2013

Highly Recommend!!

I am a client of Michele and have only known her for a few weeks, with no social contact. I am an attorney, who has had 35 years of watching and listening to people, clients, experts, attorneys and Judges, including realtors, in every imaginable situation. I kid you not, Michele, is a most impressive girl, for many reasons, all of which do not meet the eye. In all honesty, after being born and raised in Las Vegas, I was very surprised. Her skills, honesty and work ethic, reminds me of my parents generation, real hard shoes to fill. I’m a real hard guy to impress anymore and on the square, Michele earned this rating.

Richard S. 4/24/2013

Highly Recommend!!

I may be on the only one on here that has not bought a home from Michele, however, she helped me through a ver difficult short sale over a year ago. Since then I’ve moved to Philly but am considering a move back to Vegas. I brought this up and Michele has made it a point of informing me of properties I may like and keeping me informed of the Las Vegas real estate market.

Dedication, honesty and hard working are good words to describe MicheleRichard S. 5 stars

Michael Laffan

Highly Recommend!!

Michele is an amazing woman! She was able to short sale my house as is and maximize the profits. She worked directly with the bank and buyers and in turn guided me every step of the way. She was always straight forward and honest. Then after a successful short sale, she helped us relocate to our new home! If you are in need of a sales professional with compassion, extensive knowledge, high standards and a positive outlook on EVERYTHING, call Michele!

Amber R. 4/25/2013

Highly Recommend!!